It is cute when u ....

when u get anger and u speak like crazy people, u might be need to take a deep breath so that u can think wisely...

not all human are created to be patient at the same time angry... It is because of hormone in body raised so fast and body temperature raised...

believe it or not, when we angry, our body temperature raised suddenly.. Our face turn red, body is shaking... It's like you feel like to punch someone...

But, I'm not writing entry about anger or feeling... But about how we can handle our anger with positive thinking and a deep breath..

Like my picture, cute right? I'm always angry about college, studies and many more.. But, what my friend do is, they talk to me like talk to me in normal condition.. Making jokes, ugly faces, funny faces and much more..

After that, I'll automatically laugh.. Laugh at the laughter now.. Funny, but I was different... When I get angry, I'll hate people who make me angry.. I hate angry!

Because I'll be somebody else, not me.. I'm like human two character..

Stop speaking... Now masa cakap Melayu.. :)
Cara-cara menangani perasaan marah :

  • tarik nafas sedalam-dalamnya.
  • hembus perlahan-lahan..
  • kosongkan fikiran atau fikir positif...
  • Luahkan pada seseorang atau sesuatu dengan bercerita atau menjerit di tempat yang tak ada orang.. (atas bukit, gunung, kawasan lapang)
  • Minum air suam bila rasa nak jerit, ( sebab kalau tak nanti, tekak sakit.. hehe)
  • Baca ayat Kursi, Al-Fatihah, supaya hati dijauhkan dari rasa marah melampau..
  • Kalau rasa tak tenang jugak, ambil wudhu' dan solat sunat... InSyaa Allah..

Easy right? :)
Amalkan selalu... Mohon pada Allah supaya hati kita dijauhkan dari segala benda hitam..

Bila dah reda, kan comel muka... :)

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