Seperti sedia maklum, saya sudah menamatkan pengajian saya di UCAM pada 2015. Jadi untuk sebarang info terkini, boleh layari laman web rasmi :


Avicii ready for his perfomance

WeLoveAsia presents to you DJ Avicii.. He's coming for his performance in Malaysia. Are you guys know who is Avicii? No? I think you stuck before century.. Hehe.. Well, he is the hottest DJ in the world. No doubt about that.

Are you guys know that he will make his performance on this November?? What?? Don't be silly.. I know people around the world know that he (Avicii) with super talented headliner, acts like Bassjackers, Martin Garrix, Congorock and many more including your favorite local artist!! Whoa!! This gotta be awesome...

Anyway, are you ready to see his performance in Sepang? Well, let's start the party and getting wild with these super double triple awesome DJ in the world..

Detail :-
Date : 30th November 2013 ( Saturday )
Time : 5p.m Onwards
Venue : Sepang International Circuit, The Welcome Center

I really want to go these super awesome party, especially about Avicii.. Well, here is my reasons why I should go there..
  1. He has superb songs every time his song released.
  2. He was the hottest DJ in the world!!
  3. Always follow up his songs..
  4. Listed in my top 3 DJ's, of course he is number 1!!
  5. Well, I'm gonna be crazy if I go to his party!!

This post brought to you for Nuffnang and Avicii fans...


DJ Avicii, akak tak pernah dengar lagi, tapi Tiesto biasa... sebab fave akak... ^_^ nak kena tengok juga kat YouTube kah beliau...

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