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Entry Special... Sick drink Nescafe.. Why?


Nescafe is like a 'drug' to me before this, but for sure I'm not drink all day. Just a couple of Nescafe a week.. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I feel like I stomachache..

I thought maybe I was taken a food that not cook well or just eat too much, however, after I make my own research, it was from Nescafe..

My heart stop for a moment, Nescafe? My most favorite drinks make me stomachache? Just I say, it's like a drug to me..

Anyhow, I try to stop taken Nescafe for maybe once a week.. But, trust me, it's hard to stop.. So, I change my Nescafe 'drug' into Tea..

Tea, yeah.. A healthy drink, good for diet, body, physical and mentally.. I'm not playing a joke with you guys, come on. Who want to make a joke in this overnight? Obviously, aren't you really know that tea is good for your health?

I'm pretty sure that only 4 of 10 people know the benefit of tea.. I don't know how to tell you guys, but try to Google it.. My mom and brother says that, taking a tea that less sugar will make our body keep slim (for who already slim) and throw away all fats, calories in your body. That's why a lot of product slimming ingredients including tea..

Try it, because you will never spent your money into product that take a long time to slim. However, I want to remind all of you, tea is natural, if you take tea as your dietary, you can take the tea as your spa face.. Okay, am I saying correctly? Oh well.. see you tomorrow.. :)

p/s : tomorrow I will share to all of you benefits of tea


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