Seperti sedia maklum, saya sudah menamatkan pengajian saya di UCAM pada 2015. Jadi untuk sebarang info terkini, boleh layari laman web rasmi :


Never defeated


I was checking my all time posts.. Only one post that remain number 1.. my first segment that many mistakes I've ever do.. Until now I don't know how and what to do.. Basically, I was too excited to make the segment.. I hope my followers, reader will not upset with me.. :(

I'm so sorry for my mistakes in my first segment.. I was to hurry and wish that my segment was the best.. However, my segment was the worse.. :( Sorry guys.. I don't know what to do so that I can redeem my mistakes.. Hence, I tried to do something useful.. :)

*click the picture to enlarge..

See, my first segment is almost 1k page views.. it was still head foremost, but I really appreciate to all who joined and support me.. From that segment and GA, I'd learn something important.. :) Being a organizers and sponsors is not easy.. We must be ready, orderly, ready to face the problems that may occur and then we'll be a good blogger..

However, I was too upset and now I really wanted to redeem my mistakes.. :) I'm really sorry guys.. Thanks for always support me and give me a tutor.. I really appreciate your kindness... :)


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