Seperti sedia maklum, saya sudah menamatkan pengajian saya di UCAM pada 2015. Jadi untuk sebarang info terkini, boleh layari laman web rasmi :


[Eng] Join & Shout to win iPad Mini !!


Almost a month I share about this and I will let you know why I really want to share with all of you..

But, before we go further. I will let you know a bit about What is

  • A revolutionary advertising platform that will change the Malaysia advertising scene by incentivizing customers (WhoHAA members) for understanding and responding to a advertiser’s message. Advertiser’s marketing budget is put to more effective use as it is only payable upon message delivered and understood
  • WhoHAA, a slang to define excitement after experiencing much awaited expectation. The WhoHAA program is where members are able to earn WhoHAA points to redeem for products or services by understanding a sponsor's key messages. Participating in WhoHAA Program is Free of Charge, but requires a simple sign-up. No proof of purchase required.

To member

  • WhoHAA program allows you to earn rewards points by simply understand sponsors' promotional messages. Many a times, we missed great promotional deals because these advertisements may have missed our attention due to cluster advertisements, or we are simply miss them because we are used to skip seeing advertisement. WhoHAA program is unlike any other media, where we share the advertisement fee with you. It is like credit card charge-back, where credit cards companies reward you back for using their card. Simply, WhoHAA rewards you, and we work hand-in hand with the advertisers for a Win-Win-Win partnership.
  • Major corporations are receptive to the ideas to rewarding you directly for your attention to understand their offers. These offers may be of interest to you, if not, at least, you are aware of these promotions and able to share with people you think will benefit from it.
  • Sign-up to become a member (FREE) and start earning points by discovering many promotional / interesting offers put up by our sponsors. Points accumulated can be used to redeem products /services. So, after checking your facebook everyday, should be your next site to visit.
To Advertisers

"Half my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." - John Wanamaker.
  • WhoHAA program is concepted after realizing that many people are growing immune to advertisements bombardments. They may be watching advertisements, but sadly, they do not see them. They may be listening to radio advertisement, but they may not hear them. Advertisements today are by nature intrusive; they are often delivered to the public without their consent or agreement, thus, resulted in need for more expensive position buy, or better creative to attract attention. WhoHAA program simply solve this problem by rewarding users to view and understands sponsor ads message, furthermore, WhoHAA allows immediate interaction with users. 
How to win iPad Mini??

Once you registered, you collect your point and share your referral link to all your friends. And when they registered under your link, automatically you received 100 point ! But not so fast, you must share this link and make you registered friend (refer a friend) minimum 5 people to join this contest. 

This contest for 3 month once. The more your friend know about and register, the more your opportunity to win this iPad mini !! 

What are you waiting for? Come and join us now to earn your reward. Click Here -->


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