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A woman with a strong heart


It's been a several month I didn't open his facebook.. Not because I have no time or whatever, but I trusted him.. I know he wouldn't do anything at my back.. But, unfortunately he do what I hope it didn't happen.. I'm so depressed.. I can't smile, laugh, happy even I can't CRY..

I'm weak, but I can't show my weakness to him. He maybe say sorry and so on, but if I show him my weakness, he will  do that again.. How can I show him my weakness? If I cry, I speak to him in unstable feeling, it seems like I'm very weak..

I have to change.. I cannot cry, I can't let him do this to me.. But how? How I supposed to hide my weakness.. I think so deeply for a day and I found something.. I hide my weakness by laugh..

I tell him I'm alright, it's okay, never mind, forget about it, I know what to do with my heart.. I keep fooling him and my heart.. It just..because I can't stand anymore.. My tears, who gonna wipe it? My family, I never let them worried about me..

I just have to independent, strong, mature and I have to make my decision by myself.. If they gone, who will give me decision if I keep ask them to help me? I know, I can't be selfish, but.... Hurmmm... i have to be strong !! No one can harm me with words, I'm so enough..

May this story will guide women all over the place by keep strong from her man.. I know a lot of women getting hurt everyday because of him.. Yes, there's a kind guy, but the silent guy with unpredictable mind will keep fooling us (women) by their sweet and kind words.. This kind is really dangerous.. They killing us inside.. A million needle they throw to us.. We can stop this.. We are a women with a strong hearts..

p/s : Im sorry if my English grammar is wrong or bad.. huhu...


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