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A week waiting my tablet... Nothing


I was upset with courier partner of ******.. ****..
Really upset..
My tablet should be in my hand on friday (29/11/2013) or monday (2/12/2013)..
I ask politely on customer service what's going on..
And they answer politely maybe happen some convenience mistakes..
Okay, and they say will sent ASAP..
In Wednesday, I decided to cancel the order since it's too long..
Again, I reply to them (if I remembered, i sent on morning)..
They reply on evening, and say want to sent on that day, 8pm..
But, that time I just arrived at home from sending my brother to his house rent..
Okay, I positively maybe 9 pm.. or 10 pm..
I wait until 11 pm.. ??
What happen?
Today I decided to cancel again the order because it's a week waiting my order without news??
My mom said, cancel and reorder..
Fuhh!! I hope this time wouldn't take too long time to deliver to me...
Upset!!! Really upset.. How am I supposed to bear with you if you cannot ask to who responsible on my order what's going on..

My mom thought that order must be sent to wrong persons, broken or missing.. Fortunately, I took COD.. Thanks to Allah... So, I reorder the same item and change into my name (before it's on my mom's name).. And if I listen an excuses anymore, I'll cancel the order.. I hope this thing only happen to me..

* I cannot state this product, company and what service.. Just my family know..

p/s : macam tonggang-langgang je bahasa ni.. memang jahanam english...oh ye, sekarang muna ada kelas itali dan perancis.. :)hihi


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