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Pray for MH370


As we all know, the world was shocked by the loss of airplanes MH370 .. Nearly 3 weeks finding mission and recently shocked the world about the statement from the Prime Minister , Dato 'Seri Najib about the possibility of the discovery of fragments of the plane MH370 , at Indian Ocean .

Fragments was found by satellite from Australia and fact finding mission temporarily halted due to weather factors . However , did we realize that many people have disparaged this?

I feel very sad because these people are not aware of its environment and the feelings of the victims' families .. It is also managed at politicize and I as a Malaysian , I am very disappointed and felt hearts .

Although I was not one of the family members of victims, but I also feel sympathy because I can imagine if my family or my friends might be in that situation ..

Let us pray that MH370 aircraft found and if they are not , may Allah preserve their bodies. If they are alive , may Allah keep them until they found. InShaa Allah .. Aamiin ..


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